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Elevating Course Delivery

As a course provider, you possess excellent content, yet translating this into an engaging and effective course can be a complex challenge. Many course providers struggle with the implementation of their knowledge into practical learning experiences, particularly in online and hybrid formats. Additionally, providing post-seminar coaching and support can stretch your resources thin, and designing effective learning activities may be outside your current expertise. Virtuous Coach Development understands these challenges and offers specialised support to overcome them.

Expert services and support

Drawing on nearly 15 years of experience in education, teacher education, and educational research, Virtuous Coach Development offers tailored solutions to course providers. We provide 1-on-1 coaching to ensure your content is transformed into an effective and engaging course. Our comprehensive services include hosting your course on our accessible app, available on phones, tablets, and the web. The app facilitates content delivery, booking 1-on-1 meetings, and creating private communities. Furthermore, our unique "after care" support, an existing proven course, can be tailored to your participants' needs, particularly beneficial for those offering live seminars.


Benefits and outcomes

Farran Mackay coaching crossfit coach YAK1

By partnering with Virtuous Coach Development, you can significantly reduce your workload and increase participant satisfaction. Leverage our expertise in designing and delivering effective online and hybrid courses for coaches, freeing you from the need to reinvent the wheel or learn new platforms. Our approach ensures your courses are not only impactful but also efficient in their delivery, allowing you to focus on your expertise and passion. Expect enhanced participant engagement, improved course effectiveness, and increased satisfaction, all contributing to a stronger reputation and potential for referrals.


Let's have a coffee chat. It's not a sales pitch, just a friendly conversation to explore how we can support you in elevating your course delivery. Book a chat today and take the first step towards a more effective and engaging learning experience for your participants.

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