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Creating Freedom

As an affiliate owner, you're tasked with juggling multiple roles, from business growth to hands-on management. It's easy to get bogged down in daily tasks, losing sight of what energises you and hampers your business's potential. Virtuous Coach Development understands these challenges. We're here to help you create freedom to focus on business growth and tasks that invigorate you, rather than mundane duties. We support you in developing a self-sustaining team that not only delivers the desired member experience but also grows and adapts with your business.

We meet you where you are

We believe in a tailored approach, starting with a comprehensive diagnostic phase to understand your individual and business needs. We then craft a customised plan with clear steps and targets, ensuring you reach your goals efficiently. Our support extends through every project phase, providing accountability and focus, helping you stay on track and avoid distractions. This hands-on, bespoke approach ensures that our solutions resonate with your unique affiliate environment.

Farran Mackay coaching CrossFit affiliate owner

Tailored solutions for success

Farran Mackay coaching crossfit coach YAK1

Our solutions are as diverse as the affiliates we support. We can offer a range of services including 1-on-1 affiliate owner coaching sessions, development of succession and team development plans, team development sessions, and specialised courses for team members like our "Coach Developer Program" and "Evaluate to Elevate." Additionally, we can assist in the development of onboarding programs for coaches, internship programs, and partnerships. We also also support the development of data analysis skills and knowledge, enabling you to analyse member fitness data effectively. Each solution is crafted to meet the specific needs of your affiliate, ensuring a unique and effective outcome.

At Virtuous Coach Development, we recognise that coach development is more than just improving 'teaching, seeing, correcting' skills. It's about developing people who can contribute significantly to the growth and effectiveness of your affiliate. Our comprehensive approach encompasses not only skill enhancement but also personal and professional development of your team members.


Ready to explore how we can support your journey to freedom? Book a coffee chat with us today. It's not a sales pitch, just a conversation to understand your needs and see how we can help. Take the first step to freedom – let's talk.


Frouke Oonk - CrossFit® YouAct Co-Owner

Working with you has not only brought clarity and structure to our operations but also acted as a much-needed motivator. You function as a pleasant 'guiding hand' a constant and encouraging presence. Your positive approach and genuine desire to help, coupled with your structured methods, have been incredibly effective for me.

Willem Peters - CrossFit® PRIMAL Owner

Farran brings a ton of knowledge and experience from her extensive corporate and educational background to the table, that I - and many other - functional coach educators  lack

Willem Hlberdink - UnScared CrossFit® Co-Owner

The best thing we did to professionalise our gym was to work with Farran. Farran helped us tremendously in developing our coaching staff and took a lot of work and stress away from me as a business owner. She is an open and warm person and has a straightforward vision which is very effective. If you think your staff is worth it and you want to run a professional business, do not hesitate to contact Farran.

The Coach Developer App

And in addition to our affiliate-level solutions, we also provide a free app to support coach development.


Whether you're new to coaching, have years of experience, or want to explore being a coach developer, this App will provide you with the gateway to the knowledge, skills, and insights to elevate not only your coach development but also the development of the coaches you work with.


Our mission? It is to inspire, elevate, and transform coaches (developers) to inspire, elevate and transform the people they are coaching. However, coach development is about more than what happens on the floor. The courses in the Coach Developer App have been selected to inspire and support you as a coach or affiliate owner to not only become more effective and efficient coaches on the floor, but also successful coaches and affiliates within the larger ecosystem.

Like it takes time and focused effort to learn to snatch or do a ring muscle up, elevating your own coaching also takes time and focused effort. The Coach Developer App can support you in creating your own individual roadmap, connecting you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop in this moment, and helping you plan for what you need in the future.

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