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Farran Mackay
Coach Developer and CrossFit ® Level 3 Trainer

Owner & Head Coach

With nearly 30 years experience of coaching sports and 15 years experience in the professional development of teachers (both as a teacher trainer and researcher), I bring a unique insight to the the professional development of coaches. 


For nearly 15 years, I influenced young minds from the helm of a classroom. Initially, my focus was the curriculum - ensuring every student could master the content. However, as years rolled on, my perspective transformed. Instead of being content-centric, I began inquiring about their dreams, their struggles, their passions outside the classroom. By truly understanding their worlds, I fostered trust and connection, tailoring my guidance to each unique individual. Whether it was bolstering confidence or filling gaps in foundational knowledge, I was there, cheering for every small win. A particularly joyous moment was celebrating a student's 34% exam score as it was the first time she had scored over 25%, a foundational experience which she later achieved a master's in psychology.

When I transitioned into the realm of functional fitness, inspired by CrossFit ® founder Greg Glassman's profound call to "care about every member," a disconnect became apparent. Diving excitedly into the training materials, I was met with a stark realisation: while comprehensive in content, these materials largely overlooked the personal touch, the 'why' behind each member's journey. This gap became glaringly obvious when observing coaches, many struggling to cater to members of varying skill levels within a single class or assisting them in choosing the appropriate scaling for exercises. Without understanding a member's "why," coaches lacked the tools to effectively manage mixed-ability classes and give members the experience they deserved. An epiphany hit me. The transformative shift I championed in my classroom was what coaching desperately needed. If the heart of teaching was about personal connection, then a coach's essence should centre on understanding and caring for each member.

Recognising a distinct gap in coach training, I was driven to initiate change. Using insights from my classroom journey and my role as a teacher educator, both deeply student-focused, I channelled that same ethos into coaching. I crafted courses, programs and systems that went beyond the teaching of movement, but focused intently on each member's (and coach’s) unique 'why'. These were not just educational tools; they were transformative platforms for coaches. and affiliate owners. Empowered by this tailored approach, coaches and affiliate owners underwent a profound metamorphosis, better equipped to understand and cater to their members. This dual transformation - first in coaches, then in members - amplified the positive impact across the community. My vision crystallised: by embracing this holistic approach, we could revolutionise coaching and deepen our connection to each member's unique journey.


Unlock the true potential of coaching. Embark on a journey that puts the individual at the heart of every workout. Start your transformation today!

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