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Elevate 6-week Kick Start Challenge

Are you a coach or trainer? Do you feel like you have reached a plateau in your coaching? Do you do it as a freelancer or part-time? Do you want to become a more effective coach but find courses expensive and time-consuming? You are not alone. Like many, you might probably have dived into the world of social media and podcasts hoping for a clear path forward, only to end up feeling even more lost.

The Problem:

  • Hit a plateau in your coaching and know you can be more effective and efficient but not sure how?

  • How to find time for long courses when you're juggling multiple jobs and responsibilities?

  • When every penny or cent counts, is spending money on expensive courses worth it?


But here's the truth: if you are reading this then coaching is your passion. These challenges should not stop you elevating your coaching. You need a better way to learn that does not break the bank or use up all your precious free time.

Introducing Your Game-Changer: The 'Elevate 6-Week Kick-Start Challenge':

This program is meticulously designed to address your unique challenges, propelling you toward becoming a more effective and efficient coach.

Let's tell you more!

Farran Mackay coaching crossfit coach YAK1

The challenge follows Elevate, a unique proven system to achieve long lasting positive changes in your coaching practice. 

The challenge is designed to make a strong start on your journey to elevate your coaching.

At the start of the challenge you receive a personalised development plan that not only allows you to streamline your development during the challenge, but it will continue to guide your development after the challenge.

Virtuous coach development personal development plan
Farran Mackay CrossFit coach development meeting 1.jpg

Not only is the challenge is available via an app or the web so you can access it anywhere and anytime, but you can also easily download the material and book the mentorship and 1-on-1 sessions.

Weekly mentorship calls to accelerate your learning as well as a 1-on-1 coaching call with our head coach Farran to deepen your learning.

Virtuous coach development app and web hybrid courses
Farran Mackay coaching CrossFit 1.jpg

Discounted Elevate Your Coaching Membership: Including access to new content and weekly group coaching calls after the challenge, discounted 1-1 coaching calls and the Elevate Community to hold you accountable and create long term results


When Do We Embark On This Transformative Journey?
Next cycle starts 27th May  Sign up before the 24th of May and join the exclusive group of a maximum 8 eager coaches and trainers in the 'Elevate 6-week Kick-start Challenge.' Elevate your coaching practices to become more effective and efficient, all without breaking the bank or compromising your weekends.

Is This Challenge Right for Me?
If you've battled the frustration of hitting a plateau in your coaching journey, this challenge is for you. Tailored especially for those who've tried to do it themselves or with minimal help, yet still and still haven’t been able to reach your full potential.

How Much of My Time Is Required?
Just 45-60 minutes a week! And you can decide to spend it when you want. While you're free to delve deeper and invest more time, this minimal commitment is all you need to jumpstart your coach development journey.

Do I Need to Be Coaching?
Yes! To extract the best from this challenge, you should be coaching—be it group sessions or personal training—for a minimum of 2 hours weekly. Remember: The more you coach, the more opportunities you have to enhance your skills.

What's in the Treasure Trove for Me? 
Dive into the 'Elevate 6-week Kick-start Challenge' and unlock:

  • A personalised roadmap to streamline your growth

  • Engaging weekly group coaching calls to accelerate your learning

  • A 1-on-1 coaching session to deepen your learning

  • An exclusive app, letting you refine your coaching, whenever, wherever!

All these gems, bundled together, are e342.

Flexible Payment Options? Say No More!
We get it: Bulky payments can be a hurdle. That's why our default option is a straight forward installment plan. Kick off this 6-week challenge with a mere e174 upfront, followed by six e28 weekly payments throughout the challenge. Elevating your coaching was never this accessible!

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