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Elevate Coaches-
Coach Developer Program

The problem:

In the expanding world of coaching, numerous courses cater to coaches, but coach developers often find their professional development needs overlooked. How can coach developers refine their skills when resources are scarce?

The Solution:

Step into our Coach Developer Program, an innovative hybrid course that uniquely combines effective coaching methodologies with the latest in educational research. This isn’t just another course – it's a transformative journey tailor-made for coach developers like you. Whether you've been guiding trainers and coaches for years or are just beginning your journey, we recognise and value your unique role. Our program offers invaluable insights and expertise, empowering you to elevate  coaches. Make a difference, redefine standards, and be the leader in fostering world-class coaches!

Let's tell you more!

Farran Mackay seeing with a coach.jpg

The program follows Elevate, a unique proven system to achieve long lasting positive changes in your coach developer (and coaching) practice. 

The program is designed to not only give you a strong foundation to build your coach developer practices on, but also to set you on the right path to support the development of effective and efficient coaches.

The content of the program ranges from topics as diverse as building learning relationships to designing coach development sessions to evaluating coaching practices. There are also three 1-on-1 coaching calls with our head coach Farran to accelerate and deepen your learning.

Farran Mackay coaching CrossFit affiliate owner
Virtuous coach development app and web hybrid courses

The program is available via The Coach Developer app or the web so not only can you access it anywhere and anytime, but you can also easily download the material and book the 1-on-1 sessions.


Who is this program designed for?

You're the heart and soul of the coaching community. Whether you're a seasoned coach developer, a proactive affiliate owner, or an inspiring head coach, our program is crafted especially for you. If you're passionate about enhancing the effectiveness of coaches and have a foundation of at least three years in coaching functional fitness, this is your next step. Dive in to not just hone your skills but also master a systematic approach to mentorship.

Ready to begin your journey?

The beauty of our hybrid course? Start whenever the inspiration strikes! Dive into the transformative content at your own pace.

How much commitment does it require?
While this is a self-paced journey, we suggest setting aside 2 hours for 12 weeks. This dedicated focus ensures you truly immerse yourself in the rich content and engage in meaningful activities designed for your growth. However nearly all lessons in each module are 20 minutes or less so you can also spread your learning over the week.


Do I need to be coaching coaches already?

Not necessarily! While the course is enriched if you're actively mentoring, it's still a goldmine even if you're at the brink of it. Just ensure you have some fellow coaches or trainers to chat and share insights with and at the end give a development session to.

What are the learning objectives?

1) Understand and Apply Coach Development Roles and Practices:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of coach developers in different contexts.

  • Apply the Onion Culture Model and the Iceberg Principle to analyse and develop coaching practices and ethos.

  • Identify and explain the steps in fostering effective relationships to support behavioural change in coaches.

2) Develop and Implement Effective Coach Development Strategies:

  • Distinguish between the roles of a "trainer" and a "coach," 

  • Articulate nine psychological concepts relevant to coaching

  • Develop competencies to support the development of effective and efficient coaches, including identifying and prioritising observable coaching practices.

3) Conduct Evaluations and Feedback for Coach Development:

  • Differentiate various forms of observations and their applicability in coaching contexts.

  • Plan and conduct evaluations of coaches, incorporating peer and member feedback.

  • Conduct development meetings with coaches to facilitate their professional growth.

  • Design and implement personal development plans for coaches, considering available coach development resources like courses, mentoring, apprenticeships, etc.

4) Facilitate Reflective Practice and Continuous Learning:

  • Guide coaches in beginning reflective practice and support their continuous learning and adaptation of new ideas into their coaching methods.

  • Design and deliver at least one coach development session for multiple coaches, ensuring alignment with prior knowledge, learning objectives, and assessment criteria, and incorporating adult learning principles.


What value-packed offering awaits you?

The Elevate Coaches - Coach Developer Program goes beyond mere content. You're stepping into a transformative package that includes:

  • Actionable activities to cultivate your knowledge and skills as a coach developer

  • Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your growth

  • An exclusive app to support your coaching developer journey — anytime, anywhere!

All of this, valued at an incredible e967.

Budget constraints? We got you!

Your passion shouldn't be hindered by finances. Request our flexible payment plan (via start with a e297 down payment, followed by easy e67 installments for 10 weeks. Investing in yourself has never been easier!

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