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Elevate your coaching journey

Coaching is more than a profession; it's a passion. Yet, many coaches face significant hurdles in their development journey. Time and financial constraints often make traditional weekend seminars unfeasible. Moreover, these seminars may not lead to lasting improvements in coaching practices, leaving coaches frustrated and uncertain. The available courses tend to focus on specific content areas, like gymnastics or weightlifting, but fall short in guiding coaches on how to effectively integrate this new knowledge into their practices.


At Virtuous Coach Development, we recognise these challenges and are committed to offering solutions that address them. Your members are constantly developing, and you don't want their development to outpace yours as a coach. If you believe in the power of coaching, then you recognise that every coach needs a coach.

Tailored courses and 1-on-1 coaching

To meet these unique challenges, we offer two innovative hybrid courses, "Elevate Your Coaching Kick Start" and "Elevate Coaches - Coach Developer Programme," along with 1-on-1 coach development solutions. These courses combine online, self-paced learning with personal coaching sessions, providing flexibility and individualised support. Our "6-week Elevate Kick Start Challenge" is designed for coaches balancing multiple jobs and responsibilities, offering a practical and cost-effective way to enhance coaching effectiveness. The "Coach Developer Program" specifically addresses the needs of coach developers, blending advanced coaching methodologies with educational research to transform your approach to coaching coaches.

Farran Mackay coaching CrossFit affiliate owner

In addition to our courses, we offer bespoke 1-on-1 solutions for coaches seeking more personalised guidance and support. These sessions delve deeper into your current coaching practices, offering accountability and sustained support for making positive, lasting changes. Whether it's about managing your affiliate owner, leveraging your coaching value for financial impact, or taking ownership of your development, each solution is as individual as the coaches we support. This personalised approach fast-tracks and deepens your development, addressing specific areas such as "taking the ick out of sales" or "balancing relentlessness with risk of burn-out"

A broader vision of coaching

Farran Mackay coaching crossfit coach YAK1

At Virtuous Coach Development, we view coaching as more than "teaching, seeing, and correcting," and beyond merely developing a "coach-athlete" relationship. It's about inspiring members to elevate their fitness and transform their lives. Our approach empowers coaches to be agents of change, creating a positive and lasting impact on their members.

Benefits & Outcomes

By participating in our programmes, coaches gain a clear, structured path to elevating their coaching practices. The personalised development plans and mentorship calls in our "Elevate" challenges provide the guidance and accountability needed for long-lasting positive changes. Our bespoke 1-on-1 solutions offer even deeper, more targeted support, helping coaches address specific challenges and achieve rapid progress in their coaching careers.


For coach developers, our program offers a comprehensive understanding of coach development roles, effective strategies, and reflective practices. With Virtuous Coach Development, you'll not only refine your skills but also gain the freedom and confidence to be a more effective and efficient coach, ensuring your longevity in the industry.

Ready to take your coaching to the next level? Discover more about our transformative '6-week Elevate Kick Start Challenge' and the 'Elevate Coaches - Coach Developer Program.' Each offers a unique path to enhancing your coaching skills.

Interested in a more intensive approach? Book a coffee chat with us. It's a no-strings-attached conversation to understand your needs and see if we're the right fit for you. If we're not the perfect match, we'll help guide you in the right direction. Start your journey to coaching excellence today – choose your path and let's connect


Robin Swinkels, Head Coach

Geordi van Rooij - Full time coach

I just feel a lot more in control than I was before...experience how this controlled, safe environment will better you as a coach, give you tools to use in the future, and give you a lot of rest in the head as well because you're so in control of what happens in the class  

You provided a framework to help me describe what good coaching looks like for MY members. And it gives me more structure in my coaching, so that was really useful. I feel more in control”

Elaine Burke - Part time coach

This challenge is like nothing I experienced before! It helped me refocus my energy into actually making a difference for my athletes

Mark Peters - Full time coach

Farran brings a ton of knowledge and experience from her extensive corporate and educational background to the table, that I - and many other - functional coach educators  lack

Willem Hlberdink - UnScared CrossFit® Co-Owner

After working with you, I've learned to evaluate my coaching critically, basically to look at it from the view of the member, and then you see all these patterns that aren't optimal

The Coach Developer App

 Whether you're new to coaching, have years of experience, or want to explore being a coach developer, this App will provide you with the gateway to the knowledge, skills and insights to elevate not only your own coach development, but also the development of the coaches you work with.


Our mission? It is to inspire, elevate and transform coaches (developers) to in turn inspire, elevate and transform the people they are coaching. However coach development is about more than what happens on the floor. The courses in the Coach Developer App have been selected to inspire and support you as a coach or affiliate owner to not only become more effective and efficient coaches on the floor, but also successful coaches and affiliates within the larger ecosystem.

Like it takes time and focused effort to learn to snatch or do a ring muscle up, elevating your own coaching also takes time and focused effort. The Coach Developer App can support you in creating your own individual roadmap, connecting you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop in this moment, and helping you plan for what you need in the future.

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