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Coaches also need coaches

At Virtuous Coach Development we believe in nurturing coaches, fostering their growth, and providing them with the tools and systems to inspire their members. This cultivates job satisfaction, loyalty, and boosts member retention. We specialise in honing world-class coaches at affiliate, team, and individual levels.


Let's collaborate on every level - from a box to team, from individual to the entire business. Our mission is to refine your coaching practices while freeing you to concentrate on your core business. Unleash your coaching potential with us.



Just as every athlete is different, so is every affiliate, team and individual coach. Our solutions and systems are tailored to your affiliates specific development needs to ensure that not only do individual trainers further develop their skills but also that their skills meets your affiliate needs


Frouke Oonk - CrossFit® YouAct Co-Owner

My newer coaches asked for guidance in discerning credible coaching sources...your [Instagram] account and business is one of the ones I give them to follow.

Jodi Walter - CrossFit® Falcon View Co-Owner

Farran brings a ton of knowledge and experience from her extensive corporate and educational background to the table, that I - and many other - functional coach educators  lack

Willem Hlberdink - UnScared CrossFit® Co-Owner

The best thing we did to professionalise our gym was to work with Farran. Farran helped us tremendously in developing our coaching staff and took a lot of work and stress away from me as a business owner. She is an open and warm person and has a straightforward vision which is very effective. If you think your staff is worth it and you want to run a professional business, do not hesitate to contact Farran.

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