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Inspire. Elevate. Transform.

Inspire Growth, Elevate Skills, Transform Coaching – Your Path to Excellence

Move beyond traditional 'teaching, seeing, correcting' approaches to coach development. Embrace a journey with Virtuous Coach Development, where we nurture coaches to deliver not just what members desire, but also what they truly need, in a sustainable manner.

We're experts in shaping world-class coaches across various levels – from affiliates to teams, to individuals. By joining forces with us, you elevate your entire coaching experience. Our approach, built on nearly 30 years in sports education and 15 years in educational research, fosters coach growth, enhances job satisfaction, and fortifies member loyalty, ultimately boosting retention.

For Affiliate Owners: It's not just about developing coaches; it's about empowering you to cultivate a team that resonates with your vision and meets your members' needs. We're here to guide you in building a thriving self-sustaining coaching team.

For Coaches: Ready to step up your coaching gain or feeling unsupported? We understand. At Virtuous Coach Development, we go beyond weekend seminars, click through courses, and checklists. We meet you where you are, walking alongside you as you evolve into not just a coach, but potentially a coach developer too.

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Discover the perfect solution for your unique needs

Every affiliate, team, and coach is unique, with distinct needs and aspirations. At Virtuous Coach Development, we embrace this diversity, offering customised solutions and systems carefully tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to elevate your coaching skills, enhance your affiliate's performance, or provide top-tier education to other coaches, we have the expertise and tools to help you succeed.

Our approach ensures that every trainer's development aligns perfectly with your affiliate's goals, creating a harmonious blend of individual skill enhancement and collective growth. We're not just about developing coaches; we're about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with your vision and aspirations.

Enhance your team's capabilities and drive your affiliate's success.

Elevate your coaching and coach developer practices and inspire your members.

Deliver impactful and engaging educational experiences.


Frouke Oonk - CrossFit® YouAct Co-Owner

Working with you has not only brought clarity and structure to our operations but also acted as a much-needed motivator. You function as a pleasant 'guiding hand' a constant and encouraging presence. Your positive approach and genuine desire to help, coupled with your structured methods, have been incredibly effective for me.

Willem Peters - CrossFit® PRIMAL Owner

Farran brings a ton of knowledge and experience from her extensive corporate and educational background to the table, that I - and many other - functional coach educators  lack

Willem Hlberdink - UnScared CrossFit® Co-Owner

After working with you, I've learned to evaluate my coaching look at it from the view of the member. You provided a framework to [describe] what does good coaching look like? And it gives you more structure in my coaching, so that was really useful. I feel a little bit more in control and I can also catch myself better when I'm falling back into old patterns.

Robin Swinkels - CrossFit® Strijp / EHV Gym, Head Coach

The best thing we did to professionalise our gym was to work with Farran. Farran helped us tremendously in developing our coaching staff and took a lot of work and stress away from me as a business owner. She is an open and warm person and has a straightforward vision which is very effective. If you think your staff is worth it and you want to run a professional business, do not hesitate to contact Farran.

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